Field Guide: A Design Thinking Experience is an immersive, four day summer adventure at Gould Academy in Bethel, Maine, where design thinking will be your map and your compass.

Field Guide offers the best kind of professional development, combining meaningful work, play, and networking with design thinking instruction. Field Guide is for teachers and school administrators, entrepreneurs and product designers, nonprofit and business managers, elected officials and city planners, artists and engaged citizens – anyone who wants to be a better and more efficient innovator in an organization and community is invited to register.

You’ll team up with other creative leaders to learn the design thinking process by doing. Your guides are experienced designers who apply their skills professionally from Silicon Valley to Maine. They’ll lead workshops and discussions, then set you and your fellow participants off running on design thinking challenges. For background on design thinking, what it is, who’s using it and why, check out these resources.

The IDEAS Center at Gould Academy is Field Guide’s basecamp. It boasts an entire floor of dedicated maker and design thinking space meant to support innovation and collaboration. It offers plenty of flexible workspace with moveable whiteboards and furniture, plus three fabrication studios, much of which will be available to Field Guide participants.

Time outside is central to the Field Guide experience. We’ll talk about design problems while hiking in the surrounding mountains and exchanging stories over bonfires. If you like, you can try fly fishing, canoeing, and biking, then take time to reflect and awake your senses in a “forest bath.” Time in the woods reduces our stress levels and gives us perspective, essential to creative thought and decision making. This is a place to inspire change and be changed. After all, this is the best of the mountains of Maine in the summer.

Field Guide starts the morning of Tuesday, June 27, 2017 and runs through the morning of Friday, June 30, 2017. Find the full schedule here.

Get more detail about registration and lodging here.