Guides are professionals that use design thinking in product development, user experience design, classrooms, and stakeholder engagement processes. Their experiences in the “wilds” of design thinking will enrich workshops and be a treasure trove of insight as you consider how to use design thinking in your everyday life and work. They will facilitate experiences that put you in the role of the designer and coach you to use various tools and models throughout our four days.


Alex Denniston

Alex has spent a decade in product development as an engineer and strategist helping one-man start-ups and Fortune 50 companies design their futures. He's built machines to make the perfect smoothie, or pancakes at a push of a button.

Ellen Deutscher

Ellen Deutscher is a design thinking and creativity consultant with over 20 years experience teaching public school in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a teacher coach for the IDEO Teachers Guild and works as an advisor to David Kelley (founder of IDEO and Stanford in the K12 space.

Jonathan Kleiman

Jon's thrilled to join the Field Guide and work with all you wonderful folks! Jon comes by way of Google, where he's currently helping Googlers become more user-centric when developing products.

Hannah Lippe

Hannah Lippe believes in the power of play, practice, human-centered design, and the outdoors to unlock the creative potential within us all. Hannah is design thinking consultant and design strategist at Fidelity Labs where she enables teams to use design thinking and other innovation methods to solve challenges for customers.

Dan Ryder

Dan Ryder is a veteran English teacher, improviser and design thinker from the foothills of western Maine who spends every day trying to make the world a little more interesting than he found it.

Lindsey Sampson

Lindsey Sampson is a Design Strategist at Fidelity. As a part of the design thinking team, she loves solving messy problems and making sense of human behavior & emotions.

Michael Weiss

Michael spent 20 years in traditional IT roles: developer, designer, project leader, and people manager. It was only then he got the call to join Unum’s fledgling Innovation Center. It was the best call he ever received.