Jon’s thrilled to be joining Field Guide for the second time! Jon comes by way of Challenge Success, where he helps families and schools adopt strategies that improve student well-being and promote academic engagement (i.e. less misery, more childhood). Before joining the organization, Jon worked at Google, helping Googlers become more user-centric when developing products. Jon also worked in the Design Program at Stanford, teaching students how to apply Design Thinking to some of the big, thorny life problems they faced (i.e. “OMG! I just got into Stanford. Now what? EEK!” “OMG! I’m about to graduate Stanford and be a real person. Now what? EEK!”). Jon has a master’s degree in Learning, Design, and Technology from the Stanford Graduate School of Education, and a BA in Educational Studies from Washington University in St. Louis. Jon, his wife and his small kids live in California but will be migrating to Maine this upcoming summer. They. Can’t. Wait.
Jon loves to learn. Jon loves to make. Jon hates writing bios.