Hannah Lippe believes in the power of play, practice, human-centered design, and the outdoors to unlock the creative potential within us all. Hannah is design thinking consultant and design strategist at Fidelity Labs where she enables teams to use design thinking and other innovation methods to solve challenges for customers.  She has worked on projects ranging from developing Fidelity’s robo-advisor to engaging more women investors to working with Fidelity Health Marketplace to help customers make more holistic health and financial benefits decisions.  Her background in design thinking began at the Stanford d.school, and she has taught design thinking all over the U.S., from Silicon Valley to Western Maine, and internationally, including in Italy, France, Germany, England, and Spain. Before moving to Boston, she facilitated environmental and education policy discussions and worked on fiscal policy issues for a state senator in Colorado.  She has a BA in biology from Brown University, and a MA in education from Stanford University. Hannah is a trail ultramarathoner, ski mountaineer, and ice climber, and she feels strongly that the spirit of the outdoor adventurer runs deep in the innovator and entrepreneur.