Michael spent 20 years in traditional IT roles: developer, designer, project leader, and people manager. It was only then he got the call to join Unum’s fledgling Innovation Center. It was the best call he ever received.

Since then Michael has become immersed in innovation techniques, such as Design Thinking, as well as emerging technology prototyping and research. He leverages these tools along with facilitation, training, and consultation to help his partners across the business and IT to achieve their specific goals, realize new opportunities, and overcome challenges. And along the way he’s having absolutely the most fun he’s ever had in any job.

Michael holds firm to the belief that innovation is not about technology, it’s about people; but that technology can be an incredible enabler of innovation. When not innovating Michael is either traveling to the Caribbean or planning his next trip. He lived in Maine for 20 years before recently moving to Chattanooga, but is thrilled to be returning to the Pine Tree State for this event.